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The Bowen Technique originated in Australia in the 1950’s pioneered by Thomas Bowen after whom it takes its name.


The Bowen Technique is a gentle, muscle-release therapy using very precise movements over muscles and soft tissue which may assist the body to rebalance. It potentially eases muscular stress, promotes pain relief, and aids the recovery of natural energy throughout the body.

What is a treatment like?
The Bowen technique is not invasive, so most of the work is performed through light clothing. The therapist uses very precise movements of the fingers and thumbs over soft tissue. These precise moves are thought to encourage the body to release tension and initiate a self-healing process. Clients usually report experiencing a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment. An appointment is approximately 45-60 minutes.

What can it safely treat?
Due to its gentleness, Bowen is suitable for all ages. Your response to a course of treatment will be quite unique and many clients have reported the following experiences:

"After my first Bowen session my debilitating back pain was much better and by the second treatment one week later, it had totally resolved."

"I always feel so relaxed after each Bowen and have a general sense of calmness that lasts for some days."


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