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  1. How can something as gentle as the Bowen Technique have any effect?
    The Bowen Technique moves focus on the spine, and major joints of the body. It is thought that the brain may send exploratory signals to investigate the sensations stimulated by the precise Bowen moves, thereby affecting a positive response.

  2. Are these treatments only effective for muscle injuries?
    No. I have personally conducted anecdotal research on Migraines and Asthma, with very positive results. Both conditions can have many triggers not related to the muscular – skeletal structure of the body. They both showed positive responses to the Bowen Technique and Reflexology.

  3. Do I need to be in pain or discomfort for these treatments to work?
    No. The potential revitalising benefits of the Bowen Technique, Reflexology, and Indian Head Massage are like taking a 'mini holiday' that you haven't had the inconvenience of taking time off work, or packing a suitcase and getting yourself to the airport for!

  4. Clients have reported experiencing a positive sense of wellbeing after a treatment, which may continue for some days after. My personal observations suggest that for a longer-term benefit, a course of three sessions of Bowen Technique or Facial Reflexology in close succession, will give you an opportunity to experience and observe the positive benefits for yourself.



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